As a violence policy advocate, it’s important to note that none of what I write is personal conjecture but instead comes from the study of statistics, polls, and opinion found on web sites on the Internet.

High Profile Incidents

NRA Tea Party Insurrection

Challenge the Second Amendment

Guns Kill Freedom

No One Is Talking About Handgun Bans

Soul Mates

Guns Fuel Hate

Practical Defeat

Mass Destruction

Assault Clips

Gender Gap

Diss The Deadly Myth

Take Back Constitution

Second Amendment Demands Gun Control

Machine Pistol

Armor Piercing

NRA force Glock Sales

NRA=Sarah=Tea Party=Insurrection=Forced AK-47 Buys.

Slippery Slope

Bipartisan polls

70% Support Assault Weapon Ban—-the-gop_b_813562.html

Gun Registration is Harmless

Civilian Disarmament

Road Rage Stats

Food Incentives

Debate is Over

Everything I post is information that I’ve learned from the writings of gun control groups, their supporters, and supporting commenters. None of this is personal conjecture. A little searching will show this to be true. I’m doing my part to help spread the message.


One thought on “References

  1. Jared Ritchey October 27, 2011 / 4:05 pm

    O crap, you guys are the huffington post socialists. Ah, got it, makes perfect sense now.

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