Guns – A Global Health Crisis

The epidemic of gun violence in America is nothing less than a public health crisis and brings international embarrassment upon the United States. The Gun Policy Center believes that gun violence is a major public health issue and will take a comprehensive, community-oriented approach to reduce death and injury from gunfire.

The GunBanner, leading Gun Policy Advocate, Acting President of The Coalition To Stop Guns, Gun Policy Center board Member, Spokesperson for The Million Mums March, and Founder of the Coalition To Stop Guns Legal Action Project, has authored the National Strategy for Pandemic Guns.

This document outlines the coordinated federal government efforts to prevent and prepare for pandemic gun outbreaks. The Gun Banner is asking President Obama to directed all relevant federal departments and agencies to take steps to address the threat of pandemic guns. Drawing on the combined efforts of government officials and the public health, medical, veterinary, and law enforcement communities, as well as the private sector, this strategy is designed to meet three critical goals:

  1. detecting gun outbreaks that occur anywhere in the world;
  2. protecting the American people by implementing policies while improving the capacity to produce new policies; and
  3. preparing to respond at the federal, state, and local levels in the event a pandemic gun reaches the United States.

Critical Infrastructure Guide

This document provides contingency planning process for a pandemic. Also provides business planners with sector-specific and common pandemic information planning variables keyed to escalating disaster phases.

We are devoted to creating a world free from gun violence. In this world, everyone is always completely safe at home, at work, and everywhere.



Martin O’Malley – American Hero

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said that he favors increasing the minimum age for handgun ownership and possession to 21 as part of a comprehensive plan to curb gun violence in the U.S.

CNN has the story here: Link

No right is absolute. Gun Safety is totally constitutional and totally necessary for basic safety.

O’Malley for President!




Today marks the beginning of the end for gun violence in America.

Many speculated that the courts decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases would reinforce that guns have rights. They do not. These cases struck down laws that required ammosexuals to lock up guns in their homes. In defiance to the court, the City of San Francisco enacted the exact same law and the lower courts upheld it. Today the Supreme Court in a nearly unanimous decision has abandoned the Second Amendment to the Constitution and has upheld this safety measure.

Your efforts to end guns has reached the top court and we can now enact any gun safety regulation we want without fear!

Today they have to lock it up, tomorrow we will be locking it up for them!

Caught Red Handed – Abuser Keeps Gun Rights!

Guns and Domestic Violence is America’s Uniquely Lethal Domestic Violence Problem. Period. Our country’s weak gun laws allow domestic abusers and stalkers to continue buying and owning firearms.

Below is shocking footage of a domestic abuser (Toya Graham) who abused her son on video and not only was she not prosecuted and forced to lose her ability to buy an assault weapon of mass destruction like a Glock 9mm, but she was actually praised (by the Police!) as a “tough mom”.

Warning! Graphic!

Demand Congress take action to keep guns out of the hands of abusers!

Stop a Domestic Abuser From Owning Guns!

Tragically, our lax gun laws make it easier for abusers to acquire a firearm than it is to purchase a Sudafed. A recent report by the Center for American Progress revealed critical gaps in our current laws that put abused spouses at great risk of being victimized at the end of a gun.

This Supporter of Guns once famously said: “I…still support the right of people to own guns.”

But then did this to a loved one in their own home!

Per the Lautenberg Amendment, which Bill Clinton signed into law, such assaults are cause to rule those found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence to be “prohibited persons,” forever barred by law from possessing a gun. In most states being accused of Domestic Violence is enough to get a temporary restraining order which limits these aggressive spouses access to guns. That did not happen in this case because of lax gun laws!

Legislators who don’t support expanded background checks and other common-sense gun safety reforms are complicit in this bloodshed, and we need to call them out.

Act today! Call your legislator and tell them what happened, twitter, or e-mail this link!

Sarah Brady, All of America Weeps!

Sarah Kemp Brady, who became an activist for gun safety after her husband was shot in the head in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, died Friday.


Brady, 73, died in a retirement community in Alexandria, Virginia, after battling pneumonia, family members said in an email.

Sarah was know for being the nations second leading Gun Safety Advocate who’s credentials were only second to the legendary GunBanner.

Today we lost a hero.