Stop a Domestic Abuser From Owning Guns!

Tragically, our lax gun laws make it easier for abusers to acquire a firearm than it is to purchase a Sudafed. A recent report by the Center for American Progress revealed critical gaps in our current laws that put abused spouses at great risk of being victimized at the end of a gun.

This Supporter of Guns once famously said: “I…still support the right of people to own guns.”

But then did this to a loved one in their own home!

Per the Lautenberg Amendment, which Bill Clinton signed into law, such assaults are cause to rule those found guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence to be “prohibited persons,” forever barred by law from possessing a gun. In most states being accused of Domestic Violence is enough to get a temporary restraining order which limits these aggressive spouses access to guns. That did not happen in this case because of lax gun laws!

Legislators who don’t support expanded background checks and other common-sense gun safety reforms are complicit in this bloodshed, and we need to call them out.

Act today! Call your legislator and tell them what happened, twitter, or e-mail this link!


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