An Open Letter to the Moms of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense has persuaded six businesses – Target, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Chili’s, Panera, and Sonic – to ask customers to leave their guns at home.  They were also able to pressure a seventh business, Starbucks, into asking open carry practitioners not to be so flamboyant about visibly carrying guns in their stores. That’s a total of seven businesses.

This is a GIGANTIC win for reasonable gun safety!

But this does not go nearly far enough.

These companies have not actually instituted polices that prohibit guns in their stores. Guns will still be allowed in these stores if carried concealed or open in accordance to state law. Panera has specifically stated that management will not ask these NRA Extremist AmmoSexuals to leave if they enter. Though no one is talking about a handgun ban, a reasonable and common sense policy of not allowing ANY guns in their stores AT ALL will help close the “guns everywhere loophole” that these corporations now find themselves caught in.

How can we help?

First of all don’t be craven, BE BOLD! Second, don’t let these corporations off the hook by simply asking that their customers leave their guns at home. This is not what we are DEMANDING! These companies need to ENACT and ENFORCE reasonable safety measures. Lastly we need to DEMAND more and DEMAND that our leadership get more!

This includes:

We DEMAND that companies must ENACT written policies that actually prohibit guns.

We DEMAND that companies must ENACT policies that post signs at stores that say NO GUNS. The more signs and the bigger the signs, the better.

We DEMAND that companies must ENACT policies that install metal detectors at each entrance to catch lawful concealed carry permit holders.

We DEMAND that companies must ENFORCE these polices with staff security to prosecute those who try to enter with guns.

Moms are doing a great job of spending month after month after month demanding and demanding and demanding that stores enact common sense gun safety. We can now build on that momentum and demand for more. Join me and tweet #WeNowDEMANDThatYouENACTandENFORCE to all companies.



The GunBanner is the Acting President of The Coalition To Stop Guns, Gun Policy Center board Member, Spokesperson for The Million Mums March, and Founder of the Coalition To Stop Guns Legal Action Project. The GunBanner works to pass and enforce Reasonable civilian disarmament laws through activism, electing public officials who support Common Sense gun bans, and by taking advantage of high profile incidents that involve guns and using them to get media time for our cause. Along with the Coalition, we work to marginalize legal gun use and historic precedent and pass sensible laws to further the Right of our government to ensure that Everyone is free from the guns. This includes the children!


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