Conspiracy and the Planned Deception Goes National

“Lies and exaggerations are the purview of the sociopathic gun sellers.”

We all know that it’s true.

The Gun Safety Group, Everytown for Gun Safety, recently published their analysis of Columbine and Newtown type school shootings that have taken place since Sandy Hook.

The shocking number of school massacres since Newtown is 74!

That’s another Columbine, EVERY WEEK!

But the NRA Tea Party Insurrectionists Extremist Gunophile Fetishists are fighting back with the usual Conspiracy and Planned Deception.

They have infiltrated the mainstream media and are claiming that gunshots in Gun Free School Zones are not Columbine and Newtown type massacres.


Their fear and desperation is overwhelming!

Here’s the proof:

We must not stop until the there is #NotOneMore!



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