NRA’s LaPierre Recognizes GunBanner!

In his February 25th 2013 “Standing Guard” meme, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre officially recognized GunBanner as a “key figure(s) in the gun-ban movement”.

LaPierre quotes directly from The GunBanners September 25th 2012 article:

An Open National Converation About Firearms

LaPierre: “Here’s another example from the “gun-banner” blog, which quotes the Obama 2012 platform stating: “We believe in an honest, open national conversation about firearms.” Those words are followed with this:
“As a violence policy advocate I support having reasoned discourse about common sense gun laws that will register and eventually disarm the public. …””

Link to LaPierre’s Article: Here

As one of the nations leading Violence Policy Advocates, The GunBanner has been added to the NRA Tea Party Insurrectionists Extremist Gunophile Fetishists “enemies list”. According to LaPierre, the GunBanner is in good company as this list includes such notable Gun Safety Policy advocates as President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, and Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign.

In a statement issued today, The Gunbanner said: “As the Acting President of The Coalition To Stop Guns, Gun Policy Center board Member, Spokesperson for The Million Mums March, and Founder of the Coalition To Stop Guns Legal Action Project, I have never strived for fame, power, or your helpful monetary donations, please give today. Instead I work to implement Gun Safety Policies that register and eventually disarm the public though no one is talking about handgun bans. This acknowledgement from the Gun Lobby just proves the legitimacy of our efforts.”

Speaking for the first time on Sandy Hook he added: “We need to speak for the victims of those opposed to Gun Safety such as the 20 beautiful children who died at Sandy Hook. That unspeakable horror has given us an unprecedented high profile incident that involves guns that we can take advantage of to gain media exposure for our unstoppable momentum. We need to build on that sense of urgency going forward. This time is different so you have a moral obligation to support my policies for Gun Safety though no one is talking about “gun control”. The time for conversation is over! Now is the Time!”


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