Conspiracy and Planned Deception – The Return

I wise man once wrote in speaking on The NRA Tea Party Insurrectionists Extremists Special Interests Team and their gross manipulation of blogs and the Internet:

“Trickery and manipulation and worse carry them forward with endless commentary because that’s all they’ve got — They are dishonest brokers working to manipulate the opinions of the weak-minded and fearful.”

I’m sure you remember that in April I wrote on these Conspiracies:

And in August I wrote on the Planned Deception:

Now we see the depths that the Pro-Gun Team will go to in their lies and dirty tricks against any individual faking it as a means to harass and mock other posters.

In this instance an Insurrectionist Extremist Neanderbillie has created a login name “Ann Begrun” as an Anagram of GunBanner (Acting President of The Coalition To Stop Guns, Gun Policy Center board Member, Spokesperson for The Million Mums March, and Founder of the Coalition To Stop Guns Legal Action Project.) and posted on the HuffingtonPost website.

This malicious trickery used actual quotes from leading Violence Policy posters and then forced leading Violence Policy posters to agree with or friend this poster through the site. It is well known that Violence Policy posters would never willingly engage in favoring or friending as overnight flagging to promote their cause.

Next another Gunophile Extremist pointed out that the poster was using the “Lies and exaggerations are the purview of the sociopathic gun sellers.”, and tried to blame me, The GunBanner. When Violence Policy posters became aware of the planned deception, the Gun Team documented their deceptions in a scrapbook which can be found here:

I, GunBanner, as the Acting President of The Coalition To Stop Guns, Gun Policy Center board Member, Spokesperson for The Million Mums March, and Founder of the Coalition To Stop Guns Legal Action Project, do herby condemn the actions of the NRA Tea Party as massively promoted by the gun lobby with lies and tricks on blogs and elsewhere. With the strength that money can buy; drowning out other voices of reason; it is very serious. It’s as serious as a heart attack – because it’s a lethal business played out here as if it were a game. It is well known that from Mike Bloomberg of Mayors Against Illegal Guns to Director of Communications of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ladd Everitt, Leading Violence Policy Posters would never spread falsehoods or pretend to be experts or be something or someone that they are not since that kind of web only catches more spiders.

It just doesn’t get any more preposterous than that!

By lighting a candle you can amplify our voices and grow stronger in number, courage, and creativity, and end guns now. Please join me on Facebook and Twitter to make a difference in your community.


One thought on “Conspiracy and Planned Deception – The Return

  1. loran February 14, 2013 / 4:26 am

    You are blind and dumb..hope someone kills u with a butterknife so your kids can try to ban butterknives. You are missing the whole point of our second amendment. You are unamerican and should move to europe

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