GunBanner Named Spokesperson for the Million Mums March

Washington DC, December 5, 2011

Steeped in Violence Policy heritage, The Million Mums March is proud to announce that Violence Policy star, GunBanner, as the March’s new spokesperson. Gunbanner will appear in all television spots illustrating the March’s trendsetting style. The commercials will demonstrate that with grace, confidence, Mums you can overcome all obstacles and reach your final goal. “I’m looking forward to working with The Million Mums March, and am proud to be involved with a classic grassroots organization, known for its performance, elegance and style,” noted GunBanner. He will also promote the Mums in print ads appearing in civilian disarmament magazines. V.P. of Marketing for the Million Mums March noted, “Having an individual of GunBanners profile represent Million Mums will serve as a huge asset for the us. His mix of athleticism and style will help us to reach out to Mums, while bringing the March back to its Gun Policy.” In addition, GunBanner will make personal appearances for the March and wear March apparel for all of his appearances.


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