Hidden Guns are Coming for YOU!

30,000 people are brutally, senselessly murdered each year by gun violence. Those martyrs do not receive attention; their widows and orphans do not receive communal solace. And now, the shameless, soulless NRA is pushing to prevent local communities from protecting their citizens.

If the gun lobby and their far right allies in Washington, D.C. get their way, YOUR TOWN will no longer be able to make its own decisions about who can legally carry a hidden gun.

NRA Tea Party Insurrectionists Extremist Gunophile Fetishists with absolutely no training who have never held a gun before could be granted a concealed gun permit in another state, and YOUR TOWN would have to honor it — no matter what.

H.R. 822 Representative Cliff Stearn (R-Florida) National Reciprocity Bill has to be stopped!

They will be flooding your streets with AK-47 assault weapons of mass destruction and machine Glocks. Crazy people prancing around with guns! They will give up their families, careers, and even their life to have “Wild West” type shootouts over minor disputes such as parking spots or to compensate for some other shortcoming!


The streets will run with the blood of the innocents. Mark my words!


2 thoughts on “Hidden Guns are Coming for YOU!

  1. Anonymous December 15, 2011 / 5:55 am

    You try to make all of us that carry or own a firearm out to be some sort of criminal when you know otherwise.

  2. skaramine January 4, 2012 / 2:43 am

    75 million Americans own firearms. By your reckoning, there should have been 150 million Americans dead yesterday. Especially since in 48 of 50 states, there are provisions for Concealed Carry. And yet, no massive upsurge in bloody violence.

    Just one or two insane people every couple of months who committ widely publicized murder. So, should pickup trucks be outlawed because in Texas, an African American was dragged 5 miles behind one? Should the sale of flammable liquids be banned in Los Angeles because of the actions of one serial arsonist?

    Do you have actual statistics supporting that lawfully licensed citizens carrying concealed have committed violent assault, even simply brandishing their firearms, let alone shooting them, over frivolity?

    No. Simply because your concepts and arguments are made on the flimsiest of straw-man arguments’ shoulders. One gentle breeze, and the whole of your inane dialogue turns out to be nothing other than the derranged ramblings of a scarcely literate, uneducated, and fact-deficient demogogue with delusions of adequacy.

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