Issa Ordered Fast and Furious!

Today an anonymous source told me that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), was the key architect behind the Fast And Furious Project. The story goes that in 2009 Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama launched a coordinated effort to pass more sensible and reasonable gun control laws here in the U.S.. The justification? Guns are bad and 90% of military style semi-automatic rifles used in the cartel wars in Mexico were bought in U.S. gun stores and smuggled across the border. Wikileaks tried to debunk the story but that guy is a Euro Perv and can’t be trusted. My anonymous source isn’t a Euro Perv so he/she can be completely trusted. Then Issa had a brain storm. That is that they could send guns to Mexico via the ATF and then the NRA would make money to send to Issa who could then appoint more ATF members!

The only way we can stop this diabolical plan is through the reasonable and common sense prohibition of guns though no one is talking about hand gun bans but assault weapons of mass destruction have to go for the sake of the Mexico!


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