Review: HBO’s Gun Fight is AWESOME!

OMG! This is so AWESOME! This movie is the greatest movie of all movies. OMG! Where to Start.

OK Colin is SOOOO HAWT! This guy, is brutally shot down while in his college campus Gun Free School Zone class and now, he’s a HERO! A Special American! A new generation HERO who will turn his victimhood into YOUR SALVATION. Did I mention he’s HAWT! Anyway, he has been given a gift. This is a gift of knowing that since he was a helpless victim of the violence perpetrated by a gun owner NRA Extremist Insurrectionist, that banning Laughner Style Assault Clips will keep you from being a target since Laughner Style Assault Clips make everyone a target. He also learned that Closing Gun Show Loopholes will force back alley sales to register their stolen guns and will keep crazy people from owning guns! So wise, and so HAWT!

This movie starts with 10 full minuets of Using High Profile Events to Make People Aware of the Problem. We get to relive every moment of an NRA Gunophiles everyday BLOODY RAMPAGE through a Gun Free School Zone! In fact the movie is stuffed full of police response, ambulances, sirens, students running in terror, walls of dead people, hospital rooms, blood, blood, blood. This is how it’s done!

Next we cut to Extremist Insurrectionist (the average gun owner) giving away guns! WTF! The imagery of every cowboy having guns, guns, guns… So realistic. It’s Wild West shootouts over parking spaces or to compensate for some other (Wink, Wink) shortcoming. Perfect! Evil Wayne, Hesston, and a trunk full of guns. How scary! Extremist, Militia, Insurrectionists, NRA Hardliners, OH MY! Next we get to remember Kennedy and King. Why did the NRA do that to them? Let’s not forget the Second Amendment foundation and Vigilantes who think that Jesus wants guns! And that crazy Feldman guy with his friends Smith and Wesson.

Gun owners are crazy! Guns never get used to help people, only to hurt. This movie helps to marginalize legal gun use and historic precedent and leaves people with the impression that modern police and military forces can protect them from all threats and at all times.

And then, back to handsome Colin and his reasonable common sense. Nice transition here. He’s shows us evil AK-47’s (always a crowd pleaser), 50 caliber precision sniper rifles with armor piercing bullets that take down planes, tec-9’s, straw purchases, loopholes, and on. Do you want these to be available in your state? I didn’t think so. Why not? Because “they’re defending the Constitution at the cost of our city”. That’s why. Colin is on the march to end gun violence for safe streets like in Mexico and Russia. Diane Sawyer reminds us that being armed won’t help and you’ll only hurt yourself or others. She knows!

Back to the bad guys. It’s another look at the NRA Extremists Insurrectionists Old White Men as they blow up Oklahoma City, and shoot up Tucson. They used Evil Alan Gura, Glen Beck, and Sarah Palin (who are just like and represent all gun owners) to trick the Supreme Court into ruling for the glorious victories in the Heller and McDonald cases which are a practical defeat for the NRA.

The movie ends with handsome Colin Hero working to end guns for all time. I say, Good luck!

This movie is without a doubt a completely unbiased look at guns and their Extremist Insurrectionist Hardliner owners as well as a look at the Handsome Reasonable Common Sense violence policy advocates for civilian disarmament though no one is talking about gun bans. As a Violence Policy Expert, I would like to encourage every American to buy this movie for their collection and view it as the absolute truth about guns. Because it is. Winning!