Evidence of Planned Deception Grows

As a violence policy advocate it come to my attention that you can Dis the Deadly Myths, Close the Gender Gap, and Reclaim the Constitution, by proposing sensible and reasonable policies that register and eventually disarm the public though no one is talking about handgun bans.

Fellow Violence Policy Advocates might remember that I teamed with The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence on 3/23/11 due to their Super Tweet. Thanks to a mention on their Facebook page, the Next day I noticed that my humble Blog had 53 visits, a new all-time high, and double my previous high!

Today I got noticed by the tiny but compensating Snowflakes group of Bagger Insurrectionist Gunophiles and my visits are up to 234 289 339 377 400 437 504 Yesterday. Today : 316 342 400 431.

Two Day total of 931.


This can only mean that the Planned Deception Recruits are well organized and can be mobilized quickly to drown out Reasonable civilian disarmament. Trace statistics show that traffic is coming from them and even extremists support Common Sense so they can’t possibly have any support. This proves the Conspiracy! Without the Deception my highest day of 53 would still stand from all the support of REAL Americans!

Let’s not forget Laughner Style Assault Clips.

I for one will stay vigilant and won’t rest until all violence policies for completly safe streets are implemented for the children like in Mexico and Russia with strict gun laws.


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