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Acting on a tip from a well-known poster at a completely fair and unbiased news web site, I took it upon myself to undertake and exhaustive Investigative Report. This poster who never makes things up and always backs his or her assertions with references and links made a strange assertion that I found enlightening and yet alarming. The assertion was that NRA Tea Bagger Gunophile Insurrectionists greatest fear is freedom of speech and so they recruit groups to post or flag posts as abusive in the comments sections of popular web sites in a planned deception. On the one hand these posters flood the comments section with support for Gun Fetishists (which we know does not exist on any large scale, duh) and on the other, they Flag as Abusive the overwhelming majority of Americans whose support of our doctrine of Reasonable and Common sense disarmament is growing daily.

My investigation took me to the farthest reaches of the Internet where I found irrefutable evidence that this has occurred. My first stop took me to the Huffington Post where I found overwhelming evidence. Even though this site posts articles that are almost exclusively anti-gun violence and whose members are always anti-gun, the comments section was full of support for gun violence by NRA Baggers and posts by anti-gun violence members were mostly those who’s arguments were weak, full of speculation, and contained little or no supporting links. This is proof positive that the planned deception has been at work to post over and over, and to flag thoughtful posts by anti-gun violence members so that they are removed and only those from well-meaning but less than thoughtful remain. See for yourself at:

Next my investigation took me to the Brady Blog. I’m sure most of you know that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is the preeminent authority on the Second Amendment, Gun Ownership, and Violence Policy. They were the first to notice that the word Militia in the Second Amendment negates the phrase “the people” so you don’t even have to mention it! They also were the first to understand human nature and how guns make peaceful people have wild west type shootouts over parking spaces. They are also the brilliant architects of the Practical Defeat of the NRA Extremists in the Heller and McDonald decisions. All of this success has made them the biggest target of the planned deception. This is evident since they’ve had to completely remove the ability to post comments to their articles because of the overnight group flagging of NRA Gunophile recruits! Fortunately it’s still called the Blog so you can find it.

In my investigation, I next traveled to Facebook and used my account to visit the facebook pages of groups like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, The Brady Campaign, Legal Community Against Violence, and others. Again I found overwhelming evidence of the work of the planned deception as I was not able to comment on their pages at all! I tried to “Like” them and everything.

The final leg of my investigation took me deep into the heart of the misguided enemy and directly to the gun proliferators front group of all ultimate evil. The only group in America to profess such evil since no other exist. The group made up entirely of corporate interest gun pushers with no grass roots support. The NRA. Here I found the most damning evidence of all. That is, I found documentation of their mission to create rivers of blood on American streets, their sinister plan to suppress free speech, and their recruitment page of speech hating, gun Fetishists, and group flagging. It took me a good week to use my decoder to decipher the coded messages on these pages to ascertain the true message contained within. I’ll share this code with you as it was taught to me by another poster of the utmost integrity.

“Lies and exaggerations are the purview of the sociopathic gun sellers.”

Use it in good health. I’ve provided the links but I must warn you that what you find there (after translation) will shock you to your core.


Speech Supression


Please hold all calls for a Pulitzer Prize for my investigation. I’m no hero. I’m just doing my part to spread the message!


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